Telvin Smith: “This Is The First Time I’ve Actually Been Frustrated”


Now 2-12, the Jaguars losses are piling up and breaking down the players including standout Telvin Smith who is starting to crack.

“I know I sound frustrated – it’s because I am,” said Smith.

“I would honestly say I haven’t been frustrated,” he said. “This is the first time I’ve actually been frustrated. I’ve never been around football like this – never … when you’re in situations where you know you’re the more dominant team – and I’m not even talking about talent, because talent will get your ass beat every Sunday.

“I’m talking about when you have guys who work hard for each other, and I see a head coach who demands we give everything we’ve got – not only to the job but to the people around you and to the organization … and you say, ‘How can people who want it so bad and who work so hard fall short? …

“That is the frustrating part. It’s tough because we are a team that should be able to make mistakes and win ball games and at this point we’re not.”

The 25-year-old Smith who went to FSU had six tackles and one interception during the 21-20 Jags loss to the Texans on Sunday.

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