Jaguars Coaching Rumors


With Gus Bradley out, who’ll be next in line to coach the Jacksonville Jaguars? The rumor mill is going full blast:

1. Bill Cower – Gotta ask
2. John Gruden – Gotta ask
3. Josh McDaniels – Only 40, failed in Denver, might he pick Luck to coach over Bortles
4. Tom Coughlin – nearing 71, local, but does he really want to come back to the Jags (is the relationship healed?)
5. Mike Smith – In Tampa, worked for Caldwell, but he’s a boring retread
6. Sean Payton – Innovative offense, but why pick Jax over LA and possible Luck and Indy
7. Todd Haley – retread, why?
8. David Shaw – meh
9. Kyle Shanahan – why?
10. Nick Saban – Gotta ask

Jags biggest problem is Bortles who has regressed this season. While the defense is solid and some offensive parts are in place, Bortles has become a serious question mark. Enough of one for a potential coach to take a harder look at Indianapolis with Andrew Luck or even L.A. with Jared Goff.

The good news for the Jags is Khan has money. Lots of money. Will he spend it to get a winner? TBD.

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