Jimbo Fisher: The ACC Has Caught Up To Florida State, This Is A Great League Of Football


Florida State is no longer the power team in the ACC, that according to head coach Jimbo Fisher.

Speaking during ACC media day on Friday, Fisher explained that the teams in his conference have caught up to FSU.

“Us and Clemson have had great success,” Fisher said. “We’ve been here six years, played in the championship four out of six years, they played the other two. We’ve won a national championship. They’ve played for one. We’re playing at a very high level, two of the elite programs.

“We’ve had some success against Miami, but all those games have been nail-biters right down to one-possession games right to the end. Georgia Tech upset us last year and plays very good. Pitt, NC State. North Carolina is an on-side kick away from having a chance to beat Clemson last year going into that.

“There’s other guys in our league that are great players. We have other great players. Miami has other great players. Clemson has other great players, so does Georgia Tech, NC State. All across the board, everybody has them.

“This is a great league of football.”

Fisher the FSU’s first game won’t be against an ACC school, but rather an SEC opponent in Ole Miss.

“I think they get your attention very quickly,” Fisher said. “Just like a couple years ago, we opened up with Oklahoma State coming out of the gate. Opened up a couple years ago with Pitt up in Pittsburgh. Anytime you have a big-time opponent like that, your off-season is ramped up. It’s a natural instinct.

“Coaches don’t have to say a word. Kids know it. They know everything that goes on. They know the importance of the game. They know the competition. That’s why these guys come here. They know how to compete.”

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