Blake Griffin Posterizes Kendrick Perkins In NBA Dunk Of The Year [VIDEO]


The legend of Blake Griffin continues to grow. Last night during a win over the Oklahoma City Thunder, the LA Clipper star let loose one of his classic jaw-dropping dunks, this one on a hapless-looking Kendrick Perkins.

At the 8:52 mark of the third quarter, Griffin took a bounce pass from Chris Paul and then went airborne. What else can you say.

“It’s the timing of the play, it’s the timing of when I got the pass, and also the late rotation,” Griffin added. “If all that comes together at the right time, then those things happen.”

The assist man Paul was equally impressed.

“It was amazing,” Paul said. “The first thing I thought of was that it looked identical to what he did against the Knicks. I was just excited. Me, I’m probably different from a lot of other people, the thing I was most excited about was that he made his free throw, so he made a 3-point play.”

The Clippers won the game 112 to 100 over the Thunder.

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