LeBron James Doesn’t Really Want To Play In The NFL, Does He?


Boredom must be setting in early for the NBA stars who are currently stuck in a league lockout. With players jetting to Europe or producing CDs and delving into other hobbies, Lebron James has (jokingly) expressed his own interest in playing in the NFL.

In a tweet to ESPN’s NFL guy John Clayton, James inquired: “@ClaytonESPN When is the deadline for a team to sign a free agent?”

James further fueled the speculation by responding to Seahawks Pete Carrol question if the the NBA star knew the football league minimum, telling Seattle’s head coach that “yeah more than what I’m making now Coach”.

James, who was a all-state football receiver in high school, is not taking his talents to the NFL. That said, who wouldn’t love to see him go over the middle and get crushed by James Harrison.

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