New Jaguar QB Blaine Gabbert Likes to Fish [VIDEO]


New Jaguar QB Blaine Gabbert seems like a cool customer. Making his first trip to NYC, the former Missouri star was all smiles after Jacksonville selected him #10 in the NFL Draft on Thursday.

“I was not surprised,” Gabbert said. “Going into the night I knew a lot of things were going to go on just because of the fact that the lockout was looming over the whole draft. Right when I saw them trade up I got the phone call and my agent kind of gave me a little wink, and I knew I was getting drafted.”

Gabbert and his spread background will have to adjust to the NFL pro style set. Fortunately for Gabbert, Jag offensive guru Dirk Koetter spent some time at Missouri which should help in the transition process.

“Coach Koetter is a great coach and likes to throw the football,” Gabbert said. “But you have a great running back and that’s a huge security blanket for the offense and for any quarterback to have Maurice Jones-Drew in the backfield.”

Still, 34-year-old David Garrard remains the Jags starter until further notice and that could be a good thing for Gabbert who should be in the No. 1 spot at the latest midway through the 2012 season. Until then, he can learn the playbook and get some good quality Florida fishing in.

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